Got some time for a movie? The kind that pumps your adrenaline levels and has lots of cars in it? You are not alone, welcome to the community!

People depend on cars, more than they would care to admit. For transport purposes to entertainment, these machines will always have a place in people’s lives and on their TV screens as well. This attention has glorified some cars, and the creativity in some of these movies has paved the way for innovative technologies. So here are the best picks car movies in no specific order.

Two lane blacktop

This 1971 film features a 1955 grey Chevy, James Tylor, and Denis Wilson in a drag racing duo. But it gets better; they meet a beautiful girl and another crazy man who bring an interesting twist to the story. They push this car to the limits, glorifying the Chevy.


This movie had to show up on this list sooner or later! It features Steve McQueen in a green Ford Mustang, and a Dodge Changer driven by the main villains. The story line on this one is quite exciting, and the chase scenes here are some of the best ever caught on camera.

Fast and the Furious

For starters, Fast and Furious is one of the most successful franchise movies ever. And they all deserve a spot on this list, only if there was enough room. However, the story line and choice of cars in this film make it the best car movie ever made – period!

Gone in sixty seconds

Though the first attempt to make this movie was not successful, Nick Cage and Angelina Jolie did a fantastic job of recreating the film in a fun and easy to understand way. It features the iconic 1976 Mustang that appears to muscle out the cops without breaking a sweat!