There was a point in time when cars took centre stage in the movie industry. They are still cool, but back then, a car could take a lead role alongside the main actor in a Hollywood movie.

These rides were picks from the luxury cars of the day, fitted with safety equipment and fancy features. And they pulled some daredevil stunts and tricks that earned the car makers quite a bit of glory. So here are the best four picks.

Lincon Futura Batmobile

The honour goes to this piece of art made by the Batman team. The car looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before and the technology on it is simply intriguing. It’s long, just like most old-school American cars, and the movie earned the 1955 Lincon respect and more sales as well.

Darknight Batmobile

It looks like it’s a Batman party here, but hey, this team did it again. This bad boy looks like a cross between a Lamborgini and a tank. And the creativity and work put on this car are just breathtaking. However, this car is incredibly hard to drive. Stunt drivers had to take six-month training just to take this machines out for shooting.

Lotus Espirit 1977

This Lamborgini’s ancestor was one of James Bond’s main toys. They used it in the movie “The spy who loved me”, and the result was just impressive. It has several interesting features, but the most notable one remains to be its underwater capabilities. And that imagination paved the way for today’s amphibian cars.

Aston Martin DB5 1964

The Aston Martin DB5 is a timeless classic car. And when James Bond used it in the Goldfinder movie, its popularity tripled two times over. They used special effects to give this ride an oil sprayer at the back, a smoke screen, and the ability to conceal machine guns.