The excitement, convenience, and accomplishment that come with a brand new set of wheels are unmatched. And everybody wants in; only that finances stand in the way most of the time.

However, that has drastically changed (for the better) and now it is easier to buy a car, more than ever. You only need some cash, say 10% of the price tag, and credit history. And after a two-week waiting period or so, you’ll be zooming off in your dream car – or at least something close. So, here are some few things you need to look out for before signing that dotted line.

Know your credit score

Before checking out your car options, know what the financial system thinks about your credibility for loans. Anything below 650 attracts high-interest rates, on the grounds that you are a high-risk client. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot buy a car on credit, it only implies that you’ll have to pay way more than those with a good score. But credit reports are also prone to error, so be sure to check it thoroughly and report them, if any.

Settle for what you can afford

Don’t get this wrong, but buying that dream car may translate to severe financial strains – something that places you at a higher risk of losing the collateral. So, the idea here is to go for something practical, with respect to the intended use and, of course, the price. That way, you’ll have enough money left to service the car and still maintain your normal life.

Source for financing yourself

Here’s the deal; don’t settle for any of the seller’s financing options, it’s a trap! Unless that is your last and only option, look for better ways to finance that car. They usually make you pay a whole lot more. So, talk to the bank or credit union before walking into any car dealership.