Undoubtedly, car manufacturers have made significant steps towards building reliable cars. And that’s a good thing, but this kind of quality isn’t cheap. In fact, very few people are willing to spend six figures on a vehicle, only to sell it for a tiny fraction of that price three years down the line.

As a result of depreciation, used car sales have gone up considerably – maybe because of the recession or a change of perception in car buyers. Either way, used car dealers are raking in money, especially with 1 to 2-year-old cars. And here are the most popular car brands that will last past the 250,000 Km mark with little to no issues.

Toyota Corolla

Toyotas may be relatively cheap compared to their competitors. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. Their production line faces accusations of taking a perfectionist’s approach – a thing that makes clients sit on a waiting list for a considerable amount of time. But overall, these cars take the number one spot in reliability and longevity – Period!


If you are looking for affordable luxury, try Lexus. They have an impressive SUV line up and a few sedans as well. And there have been claims that most of the engineering work is more or less the same with Toyota – only that they have better body designs and come with excellent finishes and killer safety features.


There is a thing about Audi cars that makes rich people love them. First, they send a strong statement with all the flashy features and luxury interiors. Though they have a relatively high price tag, their cars save on fuel, are reliable, and look pretty good compared to other vehicles in their class. And when it comes to variety, these German automaker has got it all. From hatchbacks to SUVs, you can never run out of options.